Monday, September 23, 2013

Origami is Not a Vizsla Strength Area

In honer of Sea Otter Awareness Week (aka best theme week ever - suck it, Shark Week) We here at Vizsla International broke down and finally attempted the Origami Otter pattern that was forwarded to us some time ago.

Here is the result.

A few thoughts on the Origami Otter

1- There are not a lot of dogs widely known for their mad origami skills, so I refuse to feel like I've let the side down by not doing a better job.

2- Folding an origami otter is its own reward.  It's about the process, people. 

3- Yes, he is green.  Because when you are a sea otter and it's your week you get to be any damn color you want to be and apologize to no one.  Actually, otters are unlikely to apologize for themselves regardless of whose week it is.  Otters are highly resistant to peer pressure.  And have adorable little hands.

His name is Buck, btw.

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