Saturday, September 7, 2013

Yes, he IS the King of the Plastic Forest

Today we went to the Zoo, where I discovered that they still have my absolute favorite thing from back in the day when we would go to the Minnesota Zoo to see he Beluga Whales*

*Which were awesome, but I think they're all dead now, which is sad.  Zoo stories - a mixed bag of upper and downer.

At many of the exhibits they have a special machine that will make - right there for you in front of your amazed little eyes - a tiny injection mold plastic model of the Animal whose exhibit you're in at the time.*

*With the exception of the polar bears - whose Plastic Polar Bear Machine (Best Band Name Ever, btw) is actually in the next building over with the penguins and a particularly excitable seal who kept trying to throw his toys at the crowd.  I had a particularly delightful fantasy of him beaning the moron next to us who would not stop spouting off increasingly inaccurate information about polar bears right in the face.  He didn't manage it, sadly, but bless his little seal heart for trying. 

I got the one by the Lion Enclosure in a gesture of solidarity with the female lion out front who was rolling over on her back while we were there.  I may have been too far away to hear, so I can not verify if she was actually making Yeti Noises. 

I like to think she was.

What better way to celebrate the fragile balance that binds us and all of nature together than with a small nonbiodegradeable model.  

I've named him Emmet.  He'll probably write a guest column here at some stage.

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