Friday, September 27, 2013

And I don't even like Tennessee Williams

I'm going to start by apologizing to Jef.  It's true man.  I just don't care for Mssr. Williams.  I've been trying to find a way to break it to you.  That said, I still totally respect the festival and we're still totally cool, right?  Because I might still need that kidney...

At work, in the lunchroom, there's what we call a 'Free Table'  This is a table (hence the name) where people can leave any old thing on the principle that you never know who else out there might want it if it's free.

A few months back I observed that someone had left a fairly ridiculous wooden seal on the free table, and because I am a big enthusiast of the ridiculous I picked it up and set it on top of the filing cabinet in my office.

The following day I walked into my office to find that he had been joined by a friend - A similarly carved wooden whale that was in no way in scale with the seal. 

I thought that this was odd at the time, but just rolled with it because the universe is vast and complicated and sometimes impossible things just happen - as you may have heard.

It was therefore with some additional surprise a few days later when a glass whale showed up to join them. 

And then a rhino.

Then a horse.

Then an elephant,  giraffe, and a larger metal chicken which I am taking as a direct reference to the Bloggess, in that it was holding a sign reading 'KKMF'

This is what the cabinet-based menagerie looks like at this stage-

The original Seal

The Whale Friend he invited over.
(Note - seals are not customarily twice the size of your average sperm whale.)

Beyonce-lite.  The reference to the funniest story you'll ever read on the Internet

The thing I cannot stress enough here - I have absolutely no idea where these are coming from.  I don't know if they're all from the same person, or from multiple sources, or falling through a crack in time and space or what.  Every week or so I'll notice that someone new has shown up and it reminds me that I should have paid more attention to Thidwick the Bighearted Moose.

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  1. Yes we're totally cool, Mikey. I like that you're man enough to admit you don't care for America's great playwright. But you should come to Provincetown anyway. We throw some good parties at the Festival.