Friday, October 25, 2013

Big Yellow Hat: Redux

So as I've mentioned prior: For Halloween this year I'm going as The Man in the Big Yellow Hat from Curious George.

By a curious coincidence, we're also having an event at a local movie theater where we're showing a Curious George film and I was asked if I would wear the costume to the event.

I am, however, sadly unable to actually speak to the children.  (Go ahead, get the jokes out of your system.  I'll wait.)

Review here the two relevant conversations that I've had this week regarding the issue-

Me: (In a deep and Manly Baritone)  So what does the Man in the Big Yellow Hat sound like?

Someone else:  Oh, I don't think you should talk.  Your voice doesn't sound anything even remotely like his.

Me: Ok.

Then - Later

Me:  I'm trying to track down some video of Curious George to see what The Man in the Big Yellow Hat sounds like.

A Different Someone Else:  Oh, he has kind of a real 'guy' voice.  You know, just kind of generically manly.

Seriously, Universe?

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