Friday, October 11, 2013

I don't need your weird mixed signals, Facebook. I have Faith for that.

So today a friend of mine posted on Facebook about witnessing a car accident where the person who caused it sped away without stopping.  And as I was about to click 'Like' I stopped to wonder - could that be somehow construed that I 'Like' the fact that this woman was forced into a car accident?  Am I supporting the hit and runner?

And this is yet another problem with Facebook.  If someone posts 'My relative died', 'I have Cancer of the Puppy', 'Today the repressed memories of my abuse at the hands of the St. Pail Diocese resurfaced', the only click response offered is 'like'.  And I don't particularly want to 'Like' any of those things.

Maybe we should just give up and revert to actual human interactions.

I'm just kidding.  That's crazy talk.

If this gets 10,000 likes I'll totally repress those memories again.

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