Monday, October 14, 2013

Chip Davis had it going on! Anyone...? Hello...?

So earlier today I was overtaken by the need to hear the theme from Convoy (which I thoughtfully link you to here, because I know you now need to hear it tooCome onGive inListen to the Theme from ConvoyDo itYou know you want toAll the cool kids are doing it.)

Yes, in case you were wondering, all of those links direct you to the same YouTube video for the Theme from Convoy - except the last one which leads to the first YouTube response to the search criteria 'People having sex and smoking', which seemed more appropriate for the sentence about what the cool kids are doing.  You can go ahead and click on it, but I warn you that it isn't anywhere as interesting as you're expecting it to be.

YouTube-  so often a disappointment.

In any case, Convoy was a movie made in 1978 about long haul truckers being generally rowdy and taking what we might describe as a casual attitude toward interstate highway law.  It had a distinctive theme song (Theme from Convoy) which was written (if that's the word) by Chip Davis.

This is a fun fact to know and share, because Chip Davis has spent every other non-Convoy-Related moment of his career being the majority of Mannheim Steamroller - which is about as far from Smoking and Having Sex as it's possible to get

Another fun fact to know and share is if you just type in 'Theme from' into the YouTube search box, its first three autofill suggestions are 'Theme from Convoy, Theme from a Summer Place, and Theme from Shaft - which sounds like the most mind-blowingly messed up triple feature that he word has ever seen and SOMEone must immediately go out and watch the three back to back and report back.  (the Original Shaft, of course.  Not the remake.)

Bonus points if you manage to sit through all three without drinking.

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