Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Just like you. But less Hideous

So I finally broke down and went to the doctor today.  (Not The Doctor, sadly, as you can tell from my not posting this from 1734) and found out that what I have is in fact a sinus infection.

Some antibiotics and waiting it out are pretty much all I can do, so I did what any rational person (or dog) would do and immediately bought the kind of cough syrup  that immediately knocks you off your ass, onto the couch and glassily staring at bad television.

Which brings me to that never ending string of 'team investigates haunted mine/house/Duvet Showroom' programs that seem to be all that basic cable makes anymore.

In many ways these have replaced our previous obsession with crime/kidnapping re-enactments.  Decide for yourself if this is progress.

What struck me, as I lay there in what must be admitted was a fairly pleasant fog, was how in such shows they frequently have the actual person who claims this crap happened to them being interviewed, interspersed with re-enactment clips of the events being described.  And this just draws attention to one undeniable truth;  'Re-enactment' you is always thinner and prettier than 'actual' you.

It's like the program makers are trying to say, 'Sure - the walls were running with blood...  but look how GREAT you'd look if you lost 50 pounds and did something with those bangs!'

Not cool, reality TV people.  Not Cool.

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