Friday, October 4, 2013

The Future - Now More Sexier

Actual Conversation at work today (via phone)

Me: Hello Vivian (Not her real name) you have a guest in the lobby.  It's your future.

Vivian(Still not her real name): Ooo, how exciting!

Me: Well, I didn't say it was a positive future.

Vivian: Oh.  But you said it in the sexy voice.

Me:  True.

Vivian:  I thought my future was going to be all sexy

Me:  It could still be sexy.  Just not positive and sexy.

Vivian:  I suppose that would be OK.

Me:  Honestly, it's probably better that your future be sexy than good, isn't it?

Vivian:  I think so.

Me:  I'm glad we've shared this time.

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