Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fire Dog, Interrupted

First of all, Happy Day 2 of Fire Prevention week, which to me is functionally Day 1 of Fire Prevention Week, as I was otherwise occupied yesterday

Schedule of the day:

7:40 AM - Drag Carcass out of bed.  Find duty pants.  Find underpants.  Realize that you've put them on in the wrong order.  Briefly toy with the idea of being a superhero.  Change.

8:00 AM - Arrive fire station.  Begin set-up.  START COFFEE (Important)

8:10 AM on going to insert VHS (circa 1994) of Sparky the Firehouse Dog, discover that new AV upgrade system has no VHS player.

8:20 AM Find alternate Sparky DVD

8:30 AM - Put new batteries in Smoke Detector for child frightening (KEY moment in safety speech)

8:35 AM Pour smoke fluid in all appropriate areas of hazard house for home fire demo- dollhouse version

8:40 AM - First class arrives.  Discover that there is no sound on Sparky DVD, because you do not understand the new AV system enough to accomplish something as simple as making sound happen

8:45 AM - Launch directly into safety talk after failing to resolve DVD sound issue, thus being unable to get cup of coffee during this interval.

8:50 AM - Reach Smoke Detector part of safety lecture.  Press test button on detector without children seeing.  No Sound.  WHY IS THERE NO SOUND TODAY?

8:55 AM - Still no Coffee.

9:05 AM - Reach portion of hazard house demo requiring smoke fluid to start creating smoke effect in model house.  Nothing happens, despite repeated button pressing  Also no sound.

9:05 AM - Although at least there isn't supposed to be at this stage.

9:15 AM - Escort children to vehicle bay - let them loose to climb on fire trucks.

9:17 AM - Smoke fluid ignites in hazard house.  Sadly, no one in room to notice.

9:30 AM - Farewell to first class of kids.

9:40 AM - Donut.  Nap. 

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