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Vizlsa Flashback - Other People who are, upon consideration, probably not the Anti-Christ

A post from this past Easter, which you'll probably pick up on as I seem to have been compelled to mention it four or five thousand times.

Oh - And a big hello to the new reader we've picked up in South Africa.  That's just awesome.

Other People who are, upon consideration, probably not the Anti-Christ
first published 3-31-13

Hello and Happy Easter

This being the day it is (Easter, for those with a limited short-term attention span and if you do I am hardly in any position to judge because hey look, isn't that a squeeky toy??...  Where was I now?)

Ah, right.

This being the day it is (Easter) and having just noted a previous blog post in which I put forward the relatively non-threatening theory that people who merge into traffic in a way you disagree with are probably not the Anti-Christ, I felt compelled to expand that thought and touch on a few other people who are also probably not the son of satan come to bring the end times upon us however much it seems like that sometimes.

So, in no particular order-  People who are - on reflection - probably not the anti-christ

1:  People who hold different political opinions

Sure, they SEEM like evil incarnate - I mean, they disagree with you and everything.  But honestly, If you look at it from a rational Vizsla perspective, it's just possible that rational adults can reach different conclusions based on equally valid reasoning.

I know, CRAZY, right?

I mean, take for example the other day.  I was quite interested in pursuing my own 'sniff things along the fence and bark occasionally' agenda - (A long held principal of the Conservative party as it happens.)  Whereas my longtime friend and companion, the Sheltie known as 'Bear', was much more interested in his 'stand in front of me and block my progress so that I am inevitably forced to go the direction HE wants me to go' agenda.  (Also, by coincidence, a long held principle of the Conservative party.)

Does this mean that Bear is the Anti-Christ?  No.  It simply means that every once in a while it is necessary to urinate on his head so that he remembers his place.  ( a long held principle of BOTH parties)

That said, no matter how we disagree on back yard policy, at the end of the day we still spoon.

Apply this philosophy to Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell and shiver a little inside...

2: Bunnies

Really.  What's with all the carrots?  What do they need such good eyesight for?

But still, merely an irritant, what with them always leaving their little jackets hung up on the carrot patch fence.  Still not actively bringing about Armageddon.

3: Michelle Bachmann

I know.  I know.  It really FEELS like it.  But I have to believe that whatever your theological underpining you couldn't seriously believe that the final bastion of all evil would so frequently say things that look so batshit crazy as to completely undermine her effectiveness.

Simply put - Evil is more competent than this.

4: The guy who cancelled Firefly

Actually, a solid argument could be made on this one...

5: Wil Wheaton

Unless you are Sheldon, Will Wheaton is, simply put, kind of Awesome.  He's who Felicia Day would be if she had boy-parts.  I challenge anyone to listen to the story of his first meeting with William Shatner (google Wil Wheaton Paul and Storm Shatner - easy to find) and not come down on the side of 'I'm sorry you were so irritating as Westley Crusher, we're totally cool now.'

And on a related note, when did Betty White and Neil Patrick Harris become the prom king and queen of dork-chic-awesome?  And will someone please make t-shirts that say that?

-Vizsla out

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