Saturday, June 15, 2013

Vizsla 2.0

 "We Can Rebuild Him."

No, sadly I am not becoming bionic (although that remains a life long goal).  

Spring cleaning is here and I'm making a few changes to the blog, plus I didn't really have a topic idea today so this seemed like a fair enough time to mention it.

First off, I've added a language translator widget thing (it's a little ways down on the right side of your screen).  Partially because I've been getting a pleasing amount of foreign traffic here, but mostly because I saw it and thought it was neat.  Be warned however - the translator is not clever enough to realize when part of the joke is lapsing into a different language, which may make a few of the German discussions somewhat confusing.

From this we can establish that Google Translate - while useful - does not possess much of a sense of humor.   Which is probably why it so rarely appears as a guest on Craig Ferguson.

Other fun changes to be on the lookout for - We've got a shiny new logo about to be revealed as part of an effort that I believe is known as 'branding'  (although I am hopeful that there will be no actual 'branding' involved.  Back off, cowboy.)

Additionally, it appears that I may accidentally follow through and set up a shop (no one is more surprised than I am) - so look for pre-order options coming soon (ish)

And finally - I'm going to be - as a  matter of policy - using Sunday to re-post an older entry from back in the '2 page views a Millennium' days as that seems more productive than just posting 'I don't post on Sunday's' every week in a variety of amusing languages.  Think of it as 'Viewer Favorites' where no one actually asked the viewer's opinion.

That said, I'm going to wrap up with a picture of a Pug dressed up like a Dalek, because I randomly googled 'Dog dressed up like Doctor Who' a moment ago and found a truly staggering number of hits, which is simultaneously amusing and possibly a cause for concern...

I will exterminate you with my adorableness

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