Thursday, June 13, 2013

Hey There, Water. You're awesome.

If you were to ask me to name me three favorite beverages, I would probably have to go with Water, Pudding, and Greg Kinnear

Because I have a tenuous grasp on the states of matter and am very easily distracted.  And hey, wasn't Baby Mama a good movie?*

*Said no one, ever.

CAUTION: Do NOT combine these three.
He never stops calling.

 But seriously.  Water is Awesome.  Not only can you drink it, you can also play in it.  Often at the same time, although sometimes that end up with your getting yelled at for soaking the kitchen floor for reasons that I do not entirely understand.*

*Also it is apparently not OK to jump out of the canoe in the middle of a lake, no matter how much the ducks are asking for it.  I know; I don't understand either.

Another great thing about water is that it's a universal solvent, which means that it will eventually erode pretty much anything.  (although you probably won't want to hang around waiting for it to finish doing so)  this leads to water doing things like -


Suck it, Kinnear.

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