Saturday, June 29, 2013

I can't prove the existence of God, but I can prove the existence of spellcheck

As longtime readers (all three of you) will by now be aware - I occasionally like to spend a little quality time browsing through the comment boards on far right wing evangelical websites.

This is either a commitment to remaining aware of the current state of radical American politics, or a manifestation of self-hatred.  Could go either way, to be honest.

I should mention that such things in Internet-parlance are generally referred to as 'trolling' (e.g. maintaining a presence on comment boards that are in direct ideological opposition to your own views for the sole purpose of stirring the regular posters there up by making snarky comments.  V=Kn)

Now, before I go on - A few disclaimers.

1:  You are never going to solve anything with anyone by debating it on the Internet. 

2:  If you engage in an argument on the Internet comment boards (I'd say 'debate', but I just can't bring myself to be that generous) You are actively becoming part of the problem, not fixing anything.

3:  If you care at all about spelling or grammar you should never go withing three thousand miles of the Internet.  Seriously, it's where the souls of English majors go to die.

The counterpoint to each being -

1a: We all know that, and yet sometimes it's so hard to resist.

2a: We all know that, and yet sometimes it's so hard to resist.

3a:  If you've taken that advice you're not here reading it.

So it is with no small amount of hypocrisy that I continue with this story.

The other day I encountered the following post on one of the particularly egregious sites.  

"That's an obomination." <sic>

Now, I had to take a minute with this one, because it's not always possible to tell if they're deliberately misspelling something to be insulting, (Demon-crap for Democrat is a particular favorite.) or if it they were just stupid. (usually a safe bet.)

'So after a while I posted in response 'Either you're going for 'abomination', or 'Obamanation'.  I'm not sure which.  But in either case you have lost your 'A'.'

Which is when I discovered that I was no longer allowed to post on Onenewsnow, because apparently a few years of pointing out spelling errors, grammar errors and logical inconsistency leads moderaters to no want to hear what you have to say anymore.

Which, ironically, brings me back in line with the three rules that I was ignoring above.

I'm going to call that a win.

-Vizsla out

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